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Easter Egg Surprise

How to make colorful Easter eggs out of string, using a balloon, string and glue. It’s a fun, messy, and easy DIY craft, which means it’s perfect for kids to make, too. These awesome “Egg Surprises” have little treats inside, too. You can pop anything into the middle, like chocolate eggs, toys...
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Chirpy Chick Toast – Great idea for Easter Breakfast.

Submitted By: Wendy Kwan Ingredients: 2 slices bread 1 slice cheese 1 & 1/4 round ham Tools: Straw Scissors Rolling Pin Egg shell cutter Method 1. Using the egg shell cutter, cut the shape of an egg in the centre of 1 slice of bread. 2. The other slice of bread, put ham follow by cheese and cover...
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Easter Ideas

Here’s some inspiration We collected for you to celebrate Easter, From the crafts to the decorating, food and table settings,   – depending on what you’re into and what resources you’ve got at home you can pick a project from the following.   Hello Kitty Easter Eggs Tutorial: ‘Mommy...
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DIY Bunny Butt Cakes And Cupcakes

We’ve seen some bunny butt cakes and cupcakes floating around and we thought it would be so cute to share some with you to make for Easter (via) Spend With Pennies   (via) Texas Monkey   The Easter Bunny Is Coming! But before he can make his rounds, he has all his helpers searching for...
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Rainbow Eggs

Easter decorations usually consist of pastels, bunnies and eggs, but aren’t you getting tired of the same old deviled eggs, marshmallow bunnies and baskets filled with Easter grass and plastic eggs? Here is a fresh, new idea to help spice up your Easter this year. Get rid of those tired, plain old...
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Make Natural Dyes for Your Easter Eggs Tutorial

So you want to dye your Easter eggs naturally – without chemicals and artificial colors? While it takes longer than the commercial egg dye kits you buy at the store, dyeing your eggs with natural foods is better for you and your child(ren)’s health, produces much more interesting colors and is,...
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Bunny Butt Cookies

These cute bunny butt cookies are sure to become a Easter favorite. Grab the kids and ask them to help you frost and decorate these hoppin’ Easter treats! They are made using a basic Sugar Cookie Biscuit but there is nothing to stop you from using a packet of biscuits and decorating them up. Click...
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DIY: Easter Bunny Bottle

If you have some empty water bottles, you and your kids can re-purpose them into an Easter Bunny Bottle. They’re great to give away, and you can put anything in the bottle too, from just plain drinking water, to jelly beans or other small candies. Happy Clippings has a photo tutorial of how to make...
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Easter Marshmallow Bark

Easter marshmallow bark is a great way to throw some of your favorite treats together and glue them all together with melted chocolate. You can really customize the colors and ingredients to create something festive for all holidays! Kids love it because it’s fun and colorful, and it makes for wonderful...
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Easter Bird Nest Cake

Celebrate Easter and the beginning of spring with a light angel food cake decorated to look like a bird’s nest and topped with a colorful bird and bird eggs. Visit Vanilla Bean Baker to get the recipe for this elegant angel food cake made from scratch. Click HERE For The Recipe From ‘Vanilla...
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