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30 Quick Microwave Desserts You Can Cook in A Mug

We do need the mug recipe badly for those who rush to work early in the morning and have nothing ready as breakfast. Now with these recipes, you can change your breakfast menu for a whole month, cool. Full Article: Number2Pencil – 30 Mug Recipes Desserts in the Microwave
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Take a bite of what looks like a regular chocolate chip cookie and get something even BETTER.

When the next bake sale, special occasion or cookie craving hits, why not take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and make it a little more . . . surprising? Jumble Joy has a way to make the classic even more chocolatey and more fun. Watch to see how the magic happens and how easy it is to do!
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His Cool Party Trick for “Skinning” a Watermelon

Heading to a cook-out this Labor Day weekend and looking for something to bring with you? Then try this new, fun way to serve watermelon! Mark Rober shows us how to “skin” the big fruit for a smooth, refreshing treat that will close out summer in just the right way. Watch how quick – only 10 minutes!...
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Homemade Burger Recipe

How to make burgers with an egg in the middle. Simple recipe with full ingredients to make a burger patty. Break an egg into the middle if you like or add cheese and turn it into a cheeseburger. Ingredients: 500g mince beef 1 egg 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon mustard Salt and pepper.
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She Places A Mug Over An Egg. Minutes Later? I Can’t Stop Drooling

YUM! A light and delicious, sweet treat, that’s easy too! This quick take on a classic meringue is a perfect dessert for the warm summer months. Only two ingredients and minimal effort until you’ve got yourself sugar heaven. Not only that, but you can get creative and combine almost anything in...
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How to Make Decorated Oreos (No Bake) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Learn how this simple method to decorate Oreo cookies in this video tutorial. Ingredients: • “Double Stuf” Oreos (any flavour) • Vanilla buttercream • Enhancements, such as sprinkles, mini M&M’s, jimmies, dragees, coloured sanding sugar, etc.
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These Rainbow Leopard Spots Take The Cake! Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Wild And Crazy Cake.

Have you ever seen a cake as wild as this? This rainbow leopard cake is so fun and looks so impressive, and it’s pretty easy to make! All you need is cake batter, buttercream, and a few different colors of gel paste to make this scrumptious cake. Watch and learn!
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How To Make Amazing Pancakes

If you’re looking for ideas for some awesome pancakes, the lastest video by Dave Hax has you covered. He shows you how to make American style and European style pancakes. What’s also covered are the ingredients that go into it. There’s no need for “instant” pancake mix that just doesn’t...
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How To Make Your Own Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

In another “How To” video by Dave Hax, he shows you how you can make your own Oreo ice cream sandwich. Using just two simple ingredients: your favorite cookie and your favorite ice cream.
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27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

If you are one of those who need tossing out half of what you have bought because you simply don’t use it in time you do not need to worry anymore. These tips are right for you and will help you to keep and store your grocery on the right way and they will last longer. Full Article: Buzz Feed –...
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