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DIY Crochet & Knitted Cowls

As things start to get a bit chilly outside everyone is starting to thing about ways to stay warm. So why not wrap your little ones in one of these both stylish and cozy cowls, hats, gloves, socks or scarves? Click on over and check out all these really cute DIY Crochet Patterns all designed by Heidi...
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Sideways Garter Vest

This is a super chic, fabulous sideways vest. Laura from Purl Solo shared with us the gorgeous knitting garter vest with patterns FREE, thanks Laura, not only for the free garter stitch pattern, but for the way to make a simple but spectacular fashionable top by lever up the knit blanket into a LUX...
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DIY Stylish Knitted Headband

Wearing a headband is a great way to spice up your hairdo and to add a little flair to your outfit . And a knitted headband will keep your ears warm when the air outside is at a temperature less than comfortable. You can also adapt these instructions to make a lighter, thinner headband that can be worn...
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