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25 Amazing Beds That Are Almost Too Amazing To Sleep In

There’s no greater feeling in the world than curling up in your bed after a long day. However, not all beds were created equal. These 25 beds, for example, are much more comfortable than your bed at home. If you were to relax on one of these mattresses that feel like a cloud in heaven, your day...

19 Cozy Outdoor Hanging Beds to Help You Enjoy The Summer Nights

In summer, we always like to stay outdoors such as the yard or patio to deal with the hot weather. If you want to look for a comfortable and funny way and give your outdoor living a playful feel, why not try a hanging bed? You can hang a round bed from a big tree in your yard or garden that make it...
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DIY “Tow Mater” Adirondack Chair

An Adirondack chair created to look like this beloved character is a really great idea. This is the work of Jefferson Woodworks from Catskill, New York. According to the folks at Jefferson, they started this project by building an adirondack chair using these plans from Ana White. Then it was a matter...
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He Got Rid Of His Old Dining Room Table. What He Built In Its Place Is Making Everybody Jealous

When Imgur user MidnightXII took a long, hard look at his dining room, he realized the round table was just not doing it. Watch his unbeatable moxie and amazing end result when he decides to take his dining room into his own hands. Full Article: – He Got Rid Of His Old Dining Room Table....
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26 Awesome Outside Seating Ideas You Can Make with Recycled Items

Summer is here! We will spend more time outside, such as reading newspaper in the balconyor entertaining in the yard. Anyway, we need to have a most comfortable seating. Several types of seating items such as soft sofa, exquisite bench and swinging chairs are comfortable enough, but they may need a...

Glow in the Dark Table

  Light up your next dinner party with a table that glows in the dark! Mike Warren, the designer, make perfect use of the flaw of wood board into a great piece of furniture using resin and photoluminescent (glow) powder, and what’s awesome is the powder can be recharged by the sun millions of...
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Glowing Tree Stump Stools

Sitting around the fire, enjoying nature, and cooking up delicious meals are what summer is known for. These amazing glow-in-the-dark log stools would be the perfect out-of-this-world seating arrangement. You don’t even have to worry about tripping over the logs when the fire goes down 🙂 Full Tutorial:...
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Kids Bed Storage

If you are short on space, this twin storage bed is the perfect solution for the children’s room. You can also take advantage of often wasted corner space by building a hutch for the storage beds. This hutch sits on top of the pictured corner unit. Click HERE For The Tutorial From ‘Ana White’
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