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How Addiction To Technology Is Taking Over Our Lives In Illustrations By Jean Jullien

French illustrator Jean Jullien draws witty illustrations that point out our absurd addictions to technology, social media and our smartphones. The artist is famous for mocking our obsession, which cuts us off from the real life, leaving us alienated and lonely. Besides his satire, Jullien also uses...
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15+ Things Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Life

These cute and fun elephant-themed items are great gift ideas for anyone who loves elephants. They’re the largest land animals in the world and have close family and social structures, so what’s not to love? September 22nd, is National Elephant Appreciation Day in the U.S., so be sure to...
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Former Bricklayer Turns Stones Into Works Of Art

Johnny Clasper from Yorkshire, UK went from being a bricklayer to an established stonemason by rejecting the idea of a single path. He turns stones and rocks into anything ranging from patios to innovative sculptures and captivating mosaics. Since an early age Clasper, now 38, loved practical subjects...
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Women’s Everyday Problems Illustrated By Romanian Artist

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Life can get real tough when a Youtube “smokey eyes” make-up tutorial turns you into a raccoon instead of a dazzling beauty. Or when you wake up in the morning looking like Chewbacca (curly Pandas, we feel you). At least we can laugh about...
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20 Marvelous Sculptures that Defy The Laws of Physics

There is a lot of creative minds around the world. Always when I see something genius I’m so impressed. But dear friends these photos in the link below are proof that everything is possible. Absolutely stunning sculptures that blow my mind. A statues that defy logic and our understanding of how things...
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Mom Illustrates Her Everyday Motherhood Problems

Natalia Sabransky is a freelance illustrator from Argentina who became a mom two and a half years ago. Since then, she’s taken to drawing humorous comics based on those everyday adventures that are routine for new moms. Sabransky’s comics are titled “Mamá ilustrada,” or  “Illustrated...
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Artist Shows What It’s Like To Be A Woman In Her Comic Diary (16+ Pics)

Agustina Guerrero, an illustrator based in Argentina, creates comics that show what her everyday life is like. Her work comments on many of the issues that she, as a woman, deals with on a day to day basis. Guerrero writes her comics in Spanish, so Bored Panda’s staff translated them for our readers....
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I Turn Scrap Metal Into Animals

My name is JK Brown. I live in rural West Wales. This peaceful part of the country is known for being a precious habitat for its native wildlife, which is of constant inspiration to me. For as long as I can remember I have loved to watch animals (especially in the wild) and for as long as I can remember...
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This Man Mastered The Art Of Animal Selfies!

Allan Dixon from Ireland, 29, has earned himself the title of a ‘real-life Dr. Dolittle’ because of his ability to ‘talk’ animals into posing for a selfie with him. The results are amazing. He seems to befriend any animal he meets! Dixon told Bored Panda it could take “anywhere between five...
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Bonsai Skulls Bring The Dead To Life

Grave Yard Bonsai Mountain Skulls are a unique take on “Memento mori” art. “Remember that you can die” in latin, this art aims to remind us of our own mortality, so it’s fitting that these handmade trophies are “cast in PVC plastic and…moulded off a real human skull.” Made by Australian...
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