10+ Times Adults Did Coloring Books For Kids, And The Result Was Hilariously NSFW

Coloring is important for the development and enrichment of children’s motor abilities as they work hand, wrist and finger movements and these are essential for small object manipulation training. But after the children have grown up and all the functions of the body are already formed? The result...
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21 Gorgeous Gardens So Tiny They’ll Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Gardening is a great way to relax, improve air quality, and maybe even shrink your food bill. Don’t think you have the space? These teeny, tiny gardens will make you think again. Full Article: distractify – 21 Gardens So Tiny They’ll Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand
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Top 35 Easy Heart-Shaped DIY Crafts For Valentines Day

The day of friendship and love is almost here! What better way to celebrate than with creative heart-shaped DIY gifts and cards. So this Valentine’s Day forgo buying and go DIY instead. I have seen a lot of awesome Valentine’s Day crafts already and I gathered 35 of my favorites! Full Article: WooHome...
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How Addiction To Technology Is Taking Over Our Lives In Illustrations By Jean Jullien

French illustrator Jean Jullien draws witty illustrations that point out our absurd addictions to technology, social media and our smartphones. The artist is famous for mocking our obsession, which cuts us off from the real life, leaving us alienated and lonely. Besides his satire, Jullien also uses...
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16 Sculptural Industrial DIY Pipe Lamp Design Ideas Able to Transform Your Decor

Lamps can be one of the most rewardful DIY Projects in the world thanks to their extended functionality and often use.  Sculptural industrial diy pipe lamps design ideas have been showcased underneath ready to help you with old unused pipe lamps in your household, ready to feed your imagination with...
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25 Interesting Design Ideas and Advantages of Walk In Closets

Having a walk-in closet in your home is a huge advantage. The walk-in closet provides you with lots and lots of storage space for cloths and also for other objects. But this type of closet also comes with other characteristics that can require lots of prep time and energy. For example, you have to decide...
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10+ Totoro Cakes That Are Too Cute To Eat

Totoro, everyone’s favorite big, loveable forest spirit, is one of the best (and tastiest) ways to decorate a cake for any occasion – especially a birthday! This Japanese animated classic by Studio Ghibli reminds us to nurture our inner child, and there’s no better way to do that than...
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35 DIY Container Ideas to Completely Declutter Your Home

Ever feel like you’re in a heavy downpour of clutter? When the ‘stuff’ build-up reaches a dangerously high level, rein in your panic and bring out your creative side, with these life-saving DIY containers. Get ready to coral your porch clutter, banish your toiletry mess, and cure your...
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15+ Things Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Life

These cute and fun elephant-themed items are great gift ideas for anyone who loves elephants. They’re the largest land animals in the world and have close family and social structures, so what’s not to love? September 22nd, is National Elephant Appreciation Day in the U.S., so be sure to...
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Top 28 Insanely Clever Ideas to Reuse Your Old Bottles

With so many old bottles in your house, do you know how to deal with them? Maybe you just let them gathering dust in the corner or throw them away. But why not reuse them? It is an interesting way to get fascinating DIY decorations from your trash.  On the other hand, recycling old materials is good...
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